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At JCS, we are highly experienced computer technicians with over 20 years of experience in all PC, Laptop & Mac Repairs, covering both hardware and software related issues and installations. We also offer on-site repair services and emergency call outs throughout Cheshire.

Welcome to Jay's Computer Services, Cheshire’s leading independent computer specialist


Based in Crewe, Cheshire "JCS" (Jay's Computer Services) are the ideal choice for Laptop, Netbook and Computer Repairs. All Hardware and Software Repairs and Servicing undertaken and completed by an experienced technician.

If it's a Complete Motherboard failure, BGA Reballing or, Graphic Chip Re-Seating, All our component level and electronic circuit repairs are completed to the highest standards with full warrantys.

Other Services include Power Socket Repairs, Hard Drive Replacement, Data Recovery, LCD Screens, or your basic Virus Removal and Computer System overhaul and Service. Our Technicians are here to help and can give professional advice on Microsoft based PC's, Laptops and Apple Mac Systems.


JCS "Jay's Computer Services" has defeated the worst kind of viruses. In 99% of cases there was no need to reinstall the operating system. We are up to date on the latest virus threats. Even with the newest ones, we’ll be able to remove them!

We don’t only remove threats, we also make sure that you’ll be protected from dangerous malwares in the future. We specialize in Virus Removal Crewe, Cheshire on-site, at our premises or remotely across the world, at your convenience.

Our service includes removal of: rootkits, virus amd macro viruses, boot sector worms, trojan horses and any other malicious software.


If you have a problem with your computer network and you need IT support, but you don't want to pay extortionate fees, in fact you're not even sure about signing up for a fixed contract. At JCS "Jay's Computer Services" we understand this, we have seen people pay through the nose for IT support that is just not up to scratch; and we think it's unacceptable.

We're turning the industry on it's head by offering fixed cost contracts, monthly contracts with no fixed long term tie-in and even a Pay-As-You-Go service that is payable by the hour. Please remember that we want to fix your computer network problem first time, because otherwise it starts to cost us money.


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PC computer repairs, Maintenance work, Computer upgrades, New computer installation, Laptop repair, Broken laptop power adapter plug repair, Virus/Spyware/Malware removal, Remote Access repairs/assistance, Install Anti-Spyware/Virus/Spam Software, Fix computer game problem, Setup All-in-One Printer (w/ Fax, Scanner, Copier), Data recovery from dying or corrupted hard drives, Setup Email (Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Webmail), Resolve Email problems, install spam filters etc, Remote services, Setup Internet Connection, Optimize Start-Up Settings, , Perform PC Health Check, , Improve Internet Browsing Speed, Apple computer, iPod & iTunes help, Linux (Ubuntu) installation & help, Setup continuous backup system – including hardware, Install any new software, Consultation and Buying Advice, Windows Vista troubleshooting, Mobile phone/Bluetooth synchronization, ASUS EEE PC Microsoft Windows XP installed, Data recovery from memory cards (USB, Flash etc), Computer build to order, Setting up remote access to your computer, Genuine Windows installed... and much more.



D Simister
D Simister

I contacted Jay after my Acer laptop had a meltdown! He managed to save all of my data and then transfer this over to the new hard drive that he replaced. Great service

Selina Clarke
Selina Clarke

Superb / Excellent / Outstanding is how highly I'd recommend you take any of your computer problems to Jay.
My keyboard just instantly decided to not respond on my laptop so I was going to buy a USB keyboard from a standard shop but a nagging thought told me to get one from Jay instead. Firstly, he tested it with a USB keyboard then opened my laptop up and fixed a loose wire.
No charge for a simple job and I'm so impressed that I'm buying my next laptop from him because I can do it with confidence
Thank you Jay!

angie Morris
angie Morris

An adapter was supposed to have been ordered 2 weeks ago. Was told it would arrive in the shop the following day. Rang up and was told It was on its way so asked if I could get a call when it had arrived. Waited for a week then rang again to say it still hadn't arrived. In the end I have ordered one from Hp which costs cheaper and will be receiving it in 3 days time. Poor service and fobbed off all the time.

Teri Johnson
Teri Johnson

I spoke to Jay in March 2022 about my 27inch IMAC. It was 5 years old and had a problem with the hard drive, although I could still use it, it worked fine, I just could not update some of the software because of it.
Jay advised he could replace this in a day and I just needed to bring it into his shop.
I brought it in on 31/3/22 but I heard nothing the next day. A day or two later after chasing Jay he advised he accidentally damage one of the components in my Mac and he needed to replace this now as well. I accepted his apology as mistakes happen to everyone. I had no issue with this and he advised me he had to order the damaged component which may take a few weeks to arrive. I advised him I did not mind if he used a second-hand one if that was easier / cheaper as long as it worked.
A month later I chased him he apologised and said it would be ready soon.
A month later I chased him again and then again.
On 19th June he messaged me to say:
"The bord is in I going to fit it on Monday and will ring you them ."
I chased Jay again and sent him several messages on 27th June he replied saying he was unwell with Covid and would ring me tomorrow.
Jay has still not contacted me despite my messages. It is now 8 July.
I don't like to leave bad reviews. I Hope Jay is not unwell and is OK.
I am still missing my MAC computer for over 3 months.
Hopefully, we will be able to come to some sort of agreement to sort out the problem whatever it is.
I will update my review should things change.

Just Finns
Just Finns

We have tried others before being lucky enough to come across Jay, as a company and personally I would not think of going elsewhere.
Prices are great service is exceptional and quality of work outstanding, I really can't say enough about him.
you'd be a fool to go anywhere else but here.
Thank you again

Dann Clews
Dann Clews

My pc was broken for over 2 weeks and i could not find a fix. Jay fixed it for me and while it took longer than i expected he was closed for a few days and everyone deserves a break and my experience was not the normal judging by other reviews. Highly recommend and sorry for all the phonecalls!

S Brennan
S Brennan

Was recommended by a family friend. Very helpful, explained everything and fair rates...what more could you ask for? Would definitely recommend and go back again!

Zohra Tutty
Zohra Tutty

So professional and efficient. What a treasure we gave found.

Frosty Genshin Impact
Frosty Genshin Impact

Called in yesterday because of drivers problem, guy was really nice told us to come in, we eventually came in the next day got the job done in about 5 minutes and it was also really nice!
In the end was really helpful and really kind
10/10 service would come again!

Leo North
Leo North

Excellent, friendly service. Jay gives willingly of his time with expert, professional advice. Highly recommended.

We can solve all your computer problems!