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My name is Jay Kracke. I am a highly experienced computer technician with over 15 years of experience in PC & Laptop Repairs and Servicing, Software, Hardware, Networking and Broadband support - and much more.... I offer on-site repair services and emergency call outs in Cheshire.

Welcome to Jay's Computer Services...


Based in Crewe, Cheshire "JCS" (Jay's Computer Services) are the ideal choice for Laptop, Netbook and Computer Repairs. All Hardware and Software Repairs and Servicing undertaken and completed by an experienced technician.

If it's a Complete Motherboard failure, BGA Reballing or, Graphic Chip Re-Seating, All our component level and electronic circuit repairs are completed to the highest standards with full warrantys.

Other Services include Power Socket Repairs, Hard Drive Replacement, Data Recovery, LCD Screens, or your basic Virus Removal and Computer System overhaul and Service. Our Technicians are here to help and can give professional advice on Microsoft based PC's, Laptops and Apple Mac Systems.


JCS "Jay's Computer Services" has defeated the worst kind of viruses. In 99% of cases there was no need to reinstall the operating system. We are up to date on the latest virus threats. Even with the newest ones, we’ll be able to remove them!

We don’t only remove threats, we also make sure that you’ll be protected from dangerous malwares in the future. We specialize in Virus Removal Crewe, Cheshire on-site, at our premises or remotely across the world, at your convenience.

Our service includes removal of: rootkits, virus amd macro viruses, boot sector worms, trojan horses and any other malicious software.


If you have a problem with your computer network and you need IT support, but you don't want to pay extortionate fees, in fact you're not even sure about signing up for a fixed contract. At JCS "Jay's Computer Services" we understand this, we have seen people pay through the nose for IT support that is just not up to scratch; and we think it's unacceptable.

We're turning the industry on it's head by offering fixed cost contracts, monthly contracts with no fixed long term tie-in and even a Pay-As-You-Go service that is payable by the hour. Please remember that we want to fix your computer network problem first time, because otherwise it starts to cost us money.


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PC computer repairs, Maintenance work, Computer upgrades, New computer installation, Laptop repair, Broken laptop power adapter plug repair, Virus/Spyware/Malware removal, Remote Access repairs/assistance, Install Anti-Spyware/Virus/Spam Software, Fix computer game problem, Setup All-in-One Printer (w/ Fax, Scanner, Copier), Data recovery from dying or corrupted hard drives, Setup Email (Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Webmail), Resolve Email problems, install spam filters etc, Remote services, Setup Internet Connection, Optimize Start-Up Settings, , Perform PC Health Check, , Improve Internet Browsing Speed, Apple computer, iPod & iTunes help, Linux (Ubuntu) installation & help, Setup continuous backup system – including hardware, Install any new software, Consultation and Buying Advice, Windows Vista troubleshooting, Mobile phone/Bluetooth synchronization, ASUS EEE PC Microsoft Windows XP installed, Data recovery from memory cards (USB, Flash etc), Computer build to order, Setting up remote access to your computer, Genuine Windows installed... and much more.

A massive thanks to jay as Iv had a very bad experience in the past with various pc repair shop that have have not resolved my issue and wasted my money and time in there professional guidance, I contacted Jay's shop (JCS) and explained to him my issues and problems I had with my high end gaming pc, I'm a esports player and play for competitive gaming competitions and I explained I really would appreciated it to be fixed as quickly as possible he found the problem and was able to resolve the issue very quickly, Literally on the day within a few hours and was nice enough to even drop it to my home as I had no transport I live locally, his price was very reasonable and was very impressed with his service , by far the best experience iv ever had, he kept me informed and explained the issues to me after spending 8 hours the previous day trying to resolve the issue myself and with some help of my team that work with pc and nothing worked after a very frustrating day I contacted jay, but was very Juvias due to my previous experience with other shops but I had not tried him before, I can not recomend him enough to anyone who has any issues with there pc, his website and himself with his years of knowledge lived up to his high quality service and expectations I'm overwhelmed with his service and is by far the best pc technician in and around the area and that iv ever come across, so I recommend going to him and not wasting your time anywhere else, I'd recommend definitely giving him a call befor anyone else, as he is worth your time, very nice guy and if anything ever accrues again I will be returning to him in the future. Again I'd like to thank jay for his service, great job keep up the great work.
Yadgar RahimiHome user
Smashing service. Had an emergency came out within an hour and fixed the problem in seconds. Very polite, on time and gave a service call before he came. Will not be using any one else!!! Thank you Jay.
Daniel RowlandHome user
I took my laptop to Jay about 2 weeks ago after it went faulty and unresponsive completely unexpectedly, especially considering it was a new laptop. I rang Jay at 8:30 on a Saturday evening and explained I needed my laptop fixing ASAP as I needed it to complete important Uni coursework. Jay opened up his shop especially on a Saturday night just so I could drop my laptop off and he spent 2 hours there and then trying to fix it. In the mean time, so I wouldn't fall behind on work the following day he lent me a full gaming pc setup (monitor, mice and keyboard) to use at home for as long as it took him to fix the laptop. I've never experienced a service as responsive, co-operative and that would go out of there way as much as here, and I could not recommend this place and Jay enough if you have any issues with your PCs or laptops. Thanks to this service, I never fell behind on my work, and had my laptop back within days, fully repaired, and at an extremely low and competitive price. Top and bottom of it is you need computers fixing, look no further than here.
We can solve all your computer problems!